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Tergopedia is a free, online encyclopaedia that explains key terms related to carbon footprint, ecology, climate change, and global warming. It started on 1 August 2022 with two language versions launched simultaneously: English and Polish.

With the global climate crisis increasingly changing our everyday reality, TerGo Foundation decided to create a project focused on dispelling any doubts. Tergopedia is an eco-knowledge base provided to everyone free of charge with a mission of bringing critical environmental concepts closer to the public and raising awareness.

The TerGo Foundation experts and the team of dedicated copywriters provided the initial content with the most basic terms. The tool's structure mimics Wikipedia and other similar projects: the general form was initiated by TerGo Foundation, but its development relies heavily on the community's engagement. To start developing the tool, register and start writing.

In the initial phase, every article is checked before publishing by TerGo Foundation's internal experts' team. A team of scientists and experts oversees Tergopedia's content and verifies all texts submitted by Tergopedia users. This way, we ensure that Tergopedia provides only verified information and reliable data. However, the verification process will be passed to the Tergopedia's community in the future.

You, too, can create Tergopedia with us! Create a free profile, log in and start writing.

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