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TERs, or True Emission Reduction, are a type of VERs (Verified/Voluntary Emission Reduction carbon credits).

TERs are created by users of the TERbit app based on their pro-environmental choices. The app monitors the user's activities in real-time, e.g. their transportation choices (cycling or walking). It compares them to the average CO2e emissions for the user's country of residence baseline. For every kilometre travelled in a low-carbon way, the app rewards users in TERs.

1 TER is equivalent to 1 tonne of CO2e that the user has not emitted into the atmosphere. Each 1 TER is divided into 1000 mTERs, equivalent to saving 1 kg CO2e.

When the app is used by a company and its employees, TERs can be included in the annual ESG report as a part of the company's Scope 3 emissions reduction scheme.

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