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TERbit is the first app in the world that shows users' CO2e reductions in real-time. The app was created by a Polish-Canadian start-up TerGo, headquartered in Gdansk, Poland.

TERbit uses algorithms that monitor user behaviour using (among others) accelerometer, barometer, magnetometer, and GPS location modules. Based on the data collected from these devices embedded in the smartphone, the application determines how users travel. For every kilometre travelled sustainably, it awards them TERs, or True Emission Reduction units.

The accumulated TERs have the same market value as other VER carbon offsets. They can be repurchased from TERbit users by other entities that want to reduce their carbon balance using voluntary carbon offsets.

The application utilizes gamification mechanisms and, in some aspects, resembles, for example, fitness or health-oriented applications, making its use intuitive for the user. Users for whom carbon footprint issues are unclear quickly and easily learn about the topic. They also discover ways to improve their behaviour and live more sustainably. TERbit is the first app in the world to help individuals reduce their CO2e footprint and rewards them for every good eco-choice they make.

The app is scheduled for release in late 2022. The tool will reward transportation choices such as walking, biking, riding a scooter, and carpooling in its first release. Thanks to extensive third-party integration mechanisms, in subsequent updates, the application will be expanded to include additional transportation choices (e.g., travelling by public transportation) or shopping choices (e.g., the ability to collect TERs for buying carbon-neutral products).

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