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TerGo, legal entity stated as Terra Sp. z o.o., was incorporated on the 15th of June, 2020. The head office is in GdaƄsk, Poland, with branches in Belize, Canada, Egypt, and Toronto.

The company develops a mobile application (TERbit) and an online platform designed to help reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

The TERbit app connects users with a means of tracking and recording everyday choices to avoid carbon emissions. This lowers the carbon output of users and generates TER (True Emissions Reduction) carbon offsets. TERs provide potential compensation for users from companies or other users that wish to purchase their carbon credits to lower their respective carbon footprints.

TerGo also creates and runs afforestation and regenerative agroforestry carbon offset programs, as well as provides sustainability reporting services, carbon-neutral products offset plans, accreditation, carbon labelling, and HR programs for companies looking to lower their carbon impact.

In 2022, TerGo experts (dr Khaled Madkour and prof. Walter Leal) came up with a standard adjusted to the latest scientific and technical knowledge: the TerGo Verified Carbon Standard. The standard allows agroforestry projects to create carbon offsets, makes it more accessible for people now involved in carbon offsetting before, and follows the principles which will help heighten the quality of carbon offsets available worldwide.

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